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USA vs ARG Dream11 Team Prediction | Volleyball Men’s World Cup 2019

USA vs ARG Dream11 Prediction | United States of America vs Argentina Match Preview/USA vs ARG Dream 11 Fantasy Team News|Playing 11|Dream11 Prediction|Dream Team|United States of America vs Argentina  Dream11 Prediction/Volleyball Men’s World Cup 2019, Match 2, FIVB.

USA vs ARG Women Match 2 Preview | Volleyball Men’s World Cup 2019 

Volleyball Men’s World Cup 2019, Match 2  FIVB will be conducted between United States of America vs Argentina (USA vs ARG).

United States Team: coming to USA team, it has won gold medal in world medal in the year 2015, in FIVIB volleyball nations league got bronze medal in the year 2018 and still putting their effort to compete with others in the round1 for the months June and July and giving their best except one or two matches.

Argentina Team: whereas ARG is always trying to give the best in all the leagues and stood at 5th place in 2015 world cup and in the past matches happened in June, ARG gave best and competing with others teams except in a few matches.

USA vs ARG Dream11 Match Prediction | Volleyball Men’s World Cup 2019 | Fantasy Team News

Form the past World cup matches, the USA contribution is more than ARG. In the 2018 World cup, USA and ARG are at different pools which didn’t make a way to have a match between them but apart from that, both gave their best. But ARG at round 2 faced defeat whereas the USA stood at 3rd place. In the past match between USA and ARG in the month of June, USA squared off ARG so easily till then ARG was in form but it faced that.

USA vs ARG Dream11 Match Details: Match Time/Venue, Dream 11 USA vs ARG Winning Prediction:

Match Timings: USA vs ARG Dream11

The Match Between USA vs ARG team will take place on 1st October 2019 at 9:00 A.M.  IST.

Match Venue: USA vs ARG Dream11 

The match between USA vs ARG, Match 2, FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup 2019
Fukuoka, Japan.

Dream11 USA vs ARG Winning Prediction: 

From the unknown sources and with the expert suggestion we have a team prediction that Dream 11 team USA has more chances to win.

Dream11 USA vs ARG Top Pick Players

You can create your own Dream11 team USA vs ARG with Top pick players with the below predicted Probable Playing XI. Do Refer the mentioned players below for the Dream11 Fantasy Team News.

Dream11 USA – United States of America Fantasy Team Players

  1. Jendryk
  2. Sander
  3. Holt
  4. Christenson (C)
  5. Smith
  6. Watten
  7. Shoji
  8. Muagututia
  9. Anderson
  10. Russell
  11. Patch

Dream11 ARG – Argentina Fantasy Team Players

  1. Pablo Crer
  2. Martin Ramos (C)
  3. Facundo Conte
  4. Federico Pereyra
  5. Cristian Poglajen
  6. Ezequiel palacios
  7. Gaston Fernandez
  8. German Johansen
  9. Nicolas Lazo
  10. Facudo Imohff
  11. Luciano De Cecco

The matches which are about the play is the 2nd match of 1st round in the month of October, so there is a chance for both the teams based on the previous matches which state both were at the good form to have the tough competition. However the upcoming match, the USA will be squaring off ARG as per the statistics observed.

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