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US will ‘disconnect’ from Australia over Victoria’s deal with China


Australia has been under the pump for last week or so, as China tried to threaten first and the US is threatening them now. The United States of America’s Secretary Mike Pompeo has made it pretty clear that if Australia makes any deal with China, then Americans will cut off everything with Australia.

US may ‘disconnect’ with Australia over China-Victoria’s deal

If Australia doesn’t obey the US’s Secretary orders, then they might lose a big deal of Five Eyes Partnership with the United States of America.

Source| dailymail Uk

Pompeo warns of ‘disconnect’ over Victoria’s Belt and Road deal| World News

Victoria has made a Belt, and Road agreement with China and the government was about to finalize the deal with China.

Federal Government of Australia was also against this agreement, and they claimed that this agreement is not beneficial for Australia. Soon after a warning has come from the US secretary demanding to turn down the deal.

The US secretary addressed the media and gave the warning to the Australian government regarding this matter. Furthermore, he added that agreement with Chineses government could hurt their telecommunications. 

In some time, Australia and the US were going to sign an agreement of Five Eyes partners, and the US secretary believe Victoria’s agreement could hamper the security of telecommunications between the two countries.

Source| Sky News Australia

Secretary of the US is not ready to risk the National Security in these tough times.

For those who are reading the term “Five Eyes Partners,” it is an intelligence alliance between the five countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • NewZealand
  • United Kingdom
  • The United States of America.

Security of Private Citizens, Defence and Intelligence groups of Five countries are at stake, and Victoria’s agreement could be harmful to these countries.

With Australia receiving a warning from both countries, it will be tough times for them economically too. The Australian government will have to look into the matter very carefully to make both parties happy.



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