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US Health Officials Warns Second Wave of Coronavirus Would Be Devastating

Second coronavirus wave could be deadlier, CDC  chief Robert Redfield warns

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Chief in the USA warned that the second wave of Coronavirus could be deadlier than the first one. The announcement was made on April 22nd, 2020. CDC Director Robert Redfield stated that the first wave hit the country at a time when the flu season was subsiding. Still, the impact has been huge for the Americans to handle.

The mind of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned the second tide of this pandemic that winter might be more deadly than the pandemic.

The country has reported a high rate of mortality and has New York has emerged as the worst-hit city across the country. He further added that the second wave is expected to be far more dangerous than the first one because it will coincide with the peak flu season. Handling two respiratory diseases at the same time could be very difficult and challenging for the country. So he says that upcoming winters in the country could give a very hard time for the citizens.

President Trump has asked respective Governors of the States to take independent decisions regarding the opening of Lockdown in their areas. Trump feels that it is time for the country to heal its crippled economy and bring back normalcy again.

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Mr. Redfield has advised that citizens should get vaccinated for Flu so that the stress upon the health department could become manageable to handle the second wave of the virus. He also urged the officials to emphasize the importance of social distancing even as the states are preparing to experience ease in Lockdown. He further urged the State and Federal officials to become more alert to identify citizens who have the virus and trace people who may have come in contact with them.

CDC  Chief Robert Redfield warns on Covid-19 Deadlier Stage

The united states should significantly scale testing up to and contact number (individuals vulnerable to infected people) to ensure fresh COVID-19 cases diagnosed until they get more massive outbreaks. And Redfield said U.S. health officials must devote summer time persuading taxpayers about the significance to gaining flu shots in the autumn, as a way to minimize the range of all flu-related hospitalizations.

Since Redfield sets it, obtaining a flu vaccination, this season” can make you be a hospital mattress available to the mother or grandma who can secure coronavirus.”Upgraded April 22 at 8:00 p.m. ET:

Throughout the President’s daily coronavirus briefing, manager Redfield explained his remarks into the Article, stating: “I feel that it’s important to highlight that which I did not state. I did not state [COVID-19 ]’s wave will be much worse. I said it was going to become complicated because we’ll get coronavirus and influenza circulating at exactly the moment and difficult. I would like to highlight we continue to construct the country’s public health infrastructure to make certain that we can keep in the containment manner.”

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