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Two Aircraft Carriers Parked at Taiwan, Tension rise Between US and China

China has been under the radar for a long time now due to the origin of Coronavirus. Many countries are demanding an enquiry against China, and the US is also one of them.

China plans to deploy two new aircraft carriers off Taiwan sparking fears of an invasion

With the rising arguments, tensions are growing between China and the United States of America. Beijing has warned Washington about the Cold War against the Virus blame.

To prepare for the war against Washington China’s defence government is sending their Aircraft to Taiwan near the Pratas Islands. The situation is getting worsen among China and America, which could lead to war between them shortly.

US Navy and Asean Deploys Fire Warships to South China Sea

Source| USA Today News

The decision to deploy these aircraft near the Pratas island has come after the US government decided to put sanctions on 33 Chinese companies.

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The reason to put punishment on these companies was pretty straight forward as they were helping out Beijing government to spy on the American population.

According to the experts, the US and China may have a sea war in the next 12 or 18 months. This statement comes on the back of the sour relationship between the two countries. It could be a bigger war shortly, which can cost economically to both nations after the pandemic’s loss.

The USA’s President Donald Trump’s government is consistently pushing for the enquiry against the Chinese government. Also, they are blaming the Chinese government for the mishandling of the Novel Coronavirus situation in their country.

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