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Twitter Restricts Trump’s Tweet For Violating Policy of “Glorification of Violence”- US News


Trump has been found guilty by Twitter for Violating Twitter’s policies of hateful content. Therefore, according to the policies Tweets of Donald Trump and White House was hidden by Twitter as they found them violating their platform’s policies.

Trump’s Tweet Hidden By Twitter For Violating Policy of “Glorification of Violence”

Twitter Safety team believes that it was the violation of policy “ Glorification of Violence”. Generally, these types of tweets get removed from the platform, but the backend team hid Trump’s tweet.

The Social Media platform is showing a warning on Trump’s tweet, and you can read them after clicking on the tweet only.

This move by Twitter can backfire them as the clash between Trump and CEO of Twitter has been ignited. With President showing his rage to the social media platform, it could prove too costly for them to survive in future.

It shows prominence as Donald Trump has signed the Section 230 revaluation order and the amendments could prove expensive for the big tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.

This situation came up when Trump tweeted on the event of the death of George Floyd. He used the word “Thug” to represent him, which is a violating the rules as per Twitter’s team. This is the reason which led to the fight between the President and Twitter. Also, the tweet included racial comments as he was a black man who died in the police station after the riots in Minneapolis.

Currently, users of the platform are not able to reply and like President’s tweet as the social media platform disables them.

The controversy got exaggerated when a tweet with the same text was surfaced by The White House Twitter handle. And again, the social media platform showed the glorifying violence policy violation warning on the tweet.

“This tweet violated Twitter rules about Glorifying Violence. However, Twitter has determined that it may in the public’s interest in the Tweet to remain accessible.” is the warning is shown on Trump’s and The White House’s tweet.

President’s and The White House Tweet stated: US News

“ These THUGS are dishonouring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control, but when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank You!”

Now, the environment for social media platforms will get heated up as Trump has signed the order which protected social media platforms from legal obligations. With his signature, the laws can be amended, which may go against the big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.

The Big Tech Giants believe that this move can also hamper America’s economy at a more significant level and that too after COVID-19.

Internet companies of America are leading the world, and this move by President Donald Trump has no significance as per Gary Shapiro. He is President of Consumer Technology Association Trade Group. It remains to be seen what happens once the amendments are done.



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