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Trump To Suspend Issuing Green Cards For 60 Days

Ban will affect individuals obtaining permanent residency in the U.S.

Trump to suspend immigration to the U.S. for 60 days 

USA President Donald Trump tweeted on April 20th, 2020, that the country will put a 60-day ban on immigrants. He would stand right, particularly for the immigrants who seek to work and live in the USA permanently. According to the President, this strategy would help the country to emerge from the economic fallout following the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“By copying, we will help put jobless Americans first inline for tasks.“I need the American worker and also our American taxpayers to be in a position to receive tasks. I actually don’t desire them to compete at the moment.”

He clarified that taking such a step is essential to protect the rights of American workers and keep foreign competition at bay. He also made it clear that the announcement would apply for green card applicants only. But the decision has received flak from several Americans as well who know perfectly well that immigrants are rubbing shoulders with the American citizens as frontline workers to fight against COVID-19.


Trump To Bar immigration For Families of US Citizens for 60 days

Trump further adds in the announcement that a brief pause in the immigration process will pave the way for employment for Americans. He feels that it would be unfair for the Americans to lose jobs to the immigrants coming from a foreign land. American citizens are his priority, and this announcement, feels, confirms the same.

He said that he would further take a final call whether to extend the ban or not based on the economic condition of the country post-60-day ban. His officials and Democrats do not appreciate the order. The Democratic nominee even said that the President’s approach to containing the virus was ill-planned that led to a high mortality rate in the country. Rather than suspending immigration in the USA, strategies to ramp-up testing should have been designed.


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