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Trump Orders to “cancel all Trade deals” that bring Foreign Cattle to the US

Trump Orders to Cancel all Trade Deals Related to Foreign Cattle

Donald Trump has ordered Federal officials to stop the import of Foreign Cattle. The Federal officials should cancel any trade related to foreign cattle. No-one will be allowed to trade with other countries. This decision comes to boost the American economy in times of pandemic.

Source| The Independent

He believes that cattle are available abundantly in the US, and there is no need to look up to foreign countries. Since the availability of animals in the US speaks for itself, President Donald Trump orders Federal officials to cancel the trade.

During the Press conference where he was explaining about the distribution of Corona relief funds in the country, he spoke about this matter of trade cancellation. It is believed that Inderictely he was giving an order to Agricultural Secretary to stop this activity.

The US is the most affected country by the novel coronavirus, and to lift the economy, such measures can be fruitful for the economy. During these tough times, Trump has been vocal about his election seat, but he is finally thinking about the American economy.

According to the data sourced( US News), the United States of America imported 5,30,000 Cattle in the first half of 2019. And due to coronavirus, the rate of import has gone down to 6.5 per cent compared to 2019’s import. 

Currently, he is going to visit Capitol Hill to meet the Senate Republicans just after he ends with the event.

During his speech, he also pointed out the allegations on Ralph Northam, who is a democrat in the country. It remains to be seen whether the Agricultural sector will obey Trump’s order or not. And if it gets followed, then it may bring some opportunities in the country.

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