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Read: Trump’s Guidelines on “Opening Up Of America Again”

Opening Up Of America Again| 3 Phased Approach

USA president Donald Trump announced the opening of states across the country in Washington on April 16, 2020. He said that the country aims to open the Lockdown on May 1, 2020. The final decision to open the respective states lies in the hands of the Governors. Trump announced that the Governors of the country could decide as per the graph of the Coronavirus. If they think that the figure shows a downward trend, then the states can open and roll back to normal conditions slowly and gradually.


The announcement happened in the White House during the daily Corona Virus Task Force briefing. He said that the country wants to be open, and so does the Americans. He believes that the economy of the country will improve once people are back to their healthy life and work. He further said that the decision had taken in compliance with the experts. The strategy has named “Opening up of America Again’.


Trump also believes that once the economy of the country is back in place, America would be able to recover soon and fight the pandemic effectively.

The national shutdown is not a sustainable long-term solution as per the President. Hence he gives the power to the State Governor to take the final call and open or remain in lockdown as per their requirements and preventive steps.

States that reflect a downward trend in containing the virus can even get their restaurants, gyms, workplaces, theatres, bars, and sporting centres functional after reopening. 

President Trump has unveiled Guidelines for Opening Up America Again

 3-Phase Approach to ‘Opening Up America …

Dr Deborah Birx presented slides to explain the stages of This Task for reopening the State. Birx stated each phase would be”associated with a week or two of diminishing signs of disease.” 

  1. Stage one intends to”mitigate the chance of resurgence” and will allow people places, like arenas, theatres, and restaurants to innovate, just under certain societal distancing situations. But, “all exposed individuals have to carry on to safeguard put upward,” and low-risk individuals should carry on social distancing.
  2. Stage two applies for places with no proof a rally. Visits to physicians assisted living facilities, and the same locations will remain illegal. But decks, daycare centres, and schools may reopen, and travelling may restart. Public places can start to facilitate restrictions that are distancing.
  3. Stage three can also be for areas or states with no signs of a rally but contains fewer restrictions compared to period two. Individuals might have freedom, but Should exercise social while Others are Proposed to prevent “crowded surroundings.”


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