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Top 10 Cricketers In The World

World cricket has produced many legends like Sir Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, and Gary Sober. The history of cricket started hundreds of years ago during the 16th century. The game originated in southern England.

Best Cricketers in the world

These are the top cricketers in the world all-time.


His full name is Donald George Bradman but he is known as The Don since his playing time. He was an Australian Cricketer who for his runs and impossible batting average is known as the greatest batsman of all time.

He had a batting average of 99.94 in his career which is quite unachievable these days. But the most unknown fact about Don Bradman was that he scored a duck on both of his first and last innings he played. Ever since his retirement Australia has produced some excellent athletics in various sports but no one can fill his boots


He is the one whose name always comes to our mind when we hear “the greatest of all time”. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the greatest ever batsman India has produced. There are so many records under his name starting from most runs, most centuries and so on. He has won everything practically and has led his nation to victory one-handedly most of the time. That’s why he is known as the GOD OF CRICKET. Many a times fans used to switch off their television after Sachin dismissal. Don Bradman himself said that Sachin was the best batsman he witnessed.


He was the West Indies captain who won the first two editions of the world cup back to back (1975 and 1979). At his time cricket was not that easy to play like the modern era. There were no helmets, no smooth rules which allows the batsman to make runs but still he held the record to score 189 runs in an ODI match which stayed as the highest score scored in ODI until Gary Kristen broke it for South Africa.  At that time he was the best batsman of the world who is still regarded as the best Caribbean Cricketer of all time.


Many experts say he brought new dimension to the Indian Cricket. It was not easy to beat the inevitable West Indies side in the finals of WC 1983 but only because of his mentality India was able to beat the defending champions to win the 3rd edition of the world cup. After that final cricket evolved in India, many youths joined academies after being inspired by Kapil Dev’s squad at that moment. Besides that, he has achieved many other remarkable feet which can’t be achieved today. He was not only a good batsman but also fine bowlers that why he is known as the greatest all-rounder of all time.


The current prime minister of Pakistan is the only Pakistan captain to win the world cup in 1992. He was known for his aggressiveness and his leadership skill on and off the field. He was included in the ICC Hall of Fame in 2010.  He was a superb fielder and an excellent medium pace bowler in his playing days. He has scored more than 30000 runs in his career including first-class cricket. The current Pakistani team lacks a sportsmanlike Imran Khan who can give his all for the team.


He is regarded as the greatest bowler of all time who played for Srilanka as a right-hand spinner and took overall 800 wickets in test and 534 wickets in ODI, both of them are world records till today and it is impossible to beat those numbers. His ball remained a mystery in front of the batsman. Many a time he used to wrap up matches for the Srilankans on his own.


He is an Australian bowler who holds the record of taking the second most number of wickets by his name. One of his balls had been regarded as the ball of the century when he turned the ball almost like 90 degrees to get the batsman out. When the Australian batting squad used to fail to perform everyone used to look up to him as a rescuer.


He is the greatest batman of the Caribbean Cricket after Sir Vivian Richards. He is the only batsman to score a hundred,  a double century, a triple century, a quadruple century and a quintuple century in first-class games. He also scored 400 runs in a test match which is still the highest runs ever scored in the Test. He was also known for his cover drive and timing of the ball .


He was considered as the best all-rounder in the world till now. He scored a famous 365 not out against Pakistan which remained as the highest score until Brain Lara broke it. He played for West Indies between 1954 to 1974 and never wore a helmet during his whole carrier and still managed to hit runs off the pace balling era.


He is known as the best captain of Indian cricket who has won literally everything in his career. He led India to win their first-ever world cup in 28 years since Kapil Dev lifted it in 1983. He is known as Captain Cool and the one who founded the epic Helicopter Shot. He has won 2 IPL, debut T20 World Cup trophy, Champions League and many other individual trophies. He is also known as the best finisher of world cricket for his ability to pull off a game in difficult situations.

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