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Top Competitors: Netflix | Amazon Prime | Hotstar

Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Hotstar


Gone are the days when families and friends used to sit together for a nighttime show and get excited and curious about their favorite show. How can we expect this today when people have extremely hectic schedules, tiring long hours of work and no one common favorite show. But at the same time, hectic schedules and tiring day in no means propagate entertainment free world. You need entertainment at the end to keep you sane. At such points streaming services come into the picture, the prominent ones being Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime.

These streaming services have helped people in multiple ways; you get a whole lot of amazing shows on your mobile, laptops. You can watch them even in breaks or while commuting. Flexible timings are again a great thing to make them more feasible. Skipping one particular scene or replaying that one favorite scene is amazing. Basically we get whatever we want, whenever we want and wherever we want.

This is the reason why we have witnessed a lot of increase in subscribers of these services than the usual television cable and set-top box ones. When it comes to the point of which one is best among the bests i.e. Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon prime, it can be confusing for a layman. It depends upon multiple factors like the content and kind of shows they hold, their video and audio qualities and of course the pricing.

Netflix is recommended for the kind of people who love both national and international movies, famous TV shows some exclusive shows as well. They have some amazing content to binge-watch. Netflix provides amazing video (full HD) audio quality, downloading services for offline watching, subtitles, etc. They have this feature of continuing where you left even when you exit the application. It reminds you what all you were watching. Coming to the price point of view, they have recently come up with the affordable mobile plan in India which is just for INR 200 and can be used in five screens. The basic price for laptop starts at INR 500 and go up to INR 800. Every plan has its own limitations.

Hotstar is owned by star network. All the shows which are available on any star network are available here. This would be best for fans of sports programs. They live stream sports matches as well. They have a good collection of movies. If you love Indian drama saas-bahu shows, go for it. They do not charge anything for the shows that are telecasted on Indian television channels. So they have free content as well. The best thing is they are the sole ones in India to publish HBO content like Game of thrones. The problem with them is they do have the continue playing feature but it does not predict it right. They do not offer HD video quality as well. They do not provide the downloading option on their premium content which is not at all appreciable. Pricing is affordable though, they offer a plan for INR 200 (which includes their premium shows as well) but it can’t be played on multiple screens.

Talking about Amazon prime, it has a good collection of Hindi and English TV shows. Along with that, it has a regional cinema like Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu, etc. It has Indian stand-up comedy acts of the very famous comedians like Zakir Khan, Kenny Sebastian, etc. It has “Continue watching” feature as well. The best part is the pricing. It is the least expensive amongst the three. It comes up with a price of INR 1000 annually. Buying this plan gives you access to the one-day delivery feature and free delivery on most of the products from Amazon.in. So yes multiple benefits. The content can’t be downloaded for an offline watching feature which again is not appreciable.

In the end, one’s choice depends on the kind of content they would love to watch and the amount they can pay for the same. Netflix though the most expensive one has the best content especially English content. Hotstar would be suitable for fans of Indian TV soap drama and sports’ junkie. Amazon prime is the cheapest one has good national, international and regional content as well as stand up comedies. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.


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