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TikTok owner ByteDance now has one billion users and many are outside China

The Chinese internet technology company – Beijing ByteDance Technology Co Ltd. Headquartered in Beijing operates several machine learning enabled content platforms.

ByteDance – company’s executive disclosed the milestone at the Shanghai Film Festival this week. Bejing- based startup ByteDance has amazed more than one billion monthly active users across its apps.

ByteDance has dozen of applications which also includes aggregator Jinri Toutiao, Trending Video Platform, Top Buzz and also Selfie App FaceU.

Tiktok has created its own platform in the field of video sharing and it becomes popular in the world.

Tik Tok App

If we talk about India – India’s 2 week ban cost Tik Tok 15 million users.

The global success of the company is based on Tik Tok as users share short videos of themselves while lip-syncing, cooking, dancing or have fun just being silly.

How to install Tik Tok App easily ?

video by Tech Boomers

Power of Artificial Intelligence to shape the India’s Future – Tik Tok App

In March, Tik Tok became the most downloaded app in Apple’s AAPL store for the five consecutive quarters in the recent market research firm Sensor Tower. It was the third most downloaded app across the world for the three months of this year.

Recently, the Tik Tok video platform hit 1 billion downloads worldwide in February, according to Sensor Tower, out of which 100 million downloads came from United States and 250 million came from India.

The social media platform Tencent’s – WeChat hit a billion users last year only but most of the majority was from China.

The success of ByteDance’s has attracted lots of big investors, like – Kingmaker SoftBank( SFTBY). The injection of cash from SoftBank recently valued ByteDance at $75 billion late last year,by making this company as the world’s most valuable startup ahead of the We Company, owners of WeWork, and e-cigarette company Juul.

Tik Tok was pulled from app stores in April , In India over claims made children vulnerable to pornographic and other inappropriate content. The Ban was lifted after two weeks where ByteDance successfully appealed the court ruling. Tik Tok- company amazed the worldwide audience with its billion usres for the seven year old start up, where ByteDance still trails far behind Facebook, which has more than 5 billion monthly active users which includes – WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram platforms.

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