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Super 30 Box Office Collection Day 16 vs Kabir Singh Box Office Collection week 5|Day37

Super 30 success is continually going on Day 16 also, it is a biographical movie which is beautifully directed by Vikas Bahl and it’s brilliantly performed by Hrithik Roshan. Before completing 16 days this movie is profitably going on. The best part which has touched a million heart, the superb acting of Hrithik Roshan and the concept of the movie.

Super 30 Box office collection Day 16

Super 30 Box office collection Day 16 is 119 crores and is increasing from time to time, we got to know from some unknown resources. With this huge success, this movie has become the 7th highest-earning. If we talk about the movie success it has already added itself in the list of biggest movie in the Bollywood industry.

Hrithik Roshan and Mrunal Thakur movie Super 30 is tax-free in some states of India like – Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan and two more. Super 30 movie is the biggest hit given by Hrithik Roshan and people are very much inspired by the character he played and its well deserve to watch especially youth.

Today we are expecting more crowd as its a weekend and yes everyone has time, so we should watch this movie. It’s worth spending time and money.

Kabir Singh Movie Box Office Collection Week 5 – Day 37

Kabir Singh movie Box office Collection week 5 – Day 37 has already crossed 276 crores and more to come. Kabir Singh the character played by Shahid Kapoor done a brilliant job as we can see in the movie, this is the biggest hit and successful movie in the career of Shahid Kapoor. Kabir Singh the movie of Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani has done a lot of business more than expected. The movie is still in the race even its not getting lots of screen in the theaters.

Kabir Singh Box office collection Day 37.

There are so many big releases in the month still Kabir Singh has made its own place in the theaters and people has given lots of love to this movie which shows content matters a lot and people value for that. It touched millions of hearts. Kabir Singh is one of the most awaited movies and even one of my favorite, people who have not seen till now, go and watch because it’s worth spending time and money. From unknown resources, we are expecting Kabir Singh Box office collection will end up around 280 crores net.

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