Sleep Deprivation Leads To Weight Gain

Lack Of Sleep Leads To Weight Gain


Weight gain is one of the major problems that people are facing today. The problem is majorly faced by young women nowadays. A survey was conducted on 804 aspirants out of 418 were girls and rest wear boys which age between 11 to 16. According to the surveys and psychological studies, It is suggested that sleep restriction gives birth to this kind of problems such as weight gain. There is a pure connection between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Research suggests that young teenage girls who prefer to go to bed late at night compared to those who go earlier have a high risk of weight gain.

The problems majorly happen with everyone but young women have a high risk of getting overweight. According to studies, it is said that those who are short sleepers die at a very young age as compared to the people who take 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day.

There are major things that lead to weight gain. People who take less sleep at night prefer tea, coffee, energy drinks and soda that can awake them late at night. There are such things that can give you a good night’s sleep. Instead of making pasta, white bread goods you can choose snacks such as popcorn, wheat crackers, and nut butter.

Nuts are also a portion of very healthy food. You can choose walnuts, almonds which contain melatonin hormone that regulates your sleep regularly. It also helps in increasing blood levels. cottage cheese is a food that is high in protein which helps in increasing serotonin levels. It is highly helpful in contributing to insomnia.

It is obvious that if you are feeling sleepy you will have a cup of tea or coffee. If you have less sleep at night you will skip your exercise for the gym that you take. It will affect your health and you will face the lack of energy the whole day. When you run on a lack of energy you will go for comfort foods like potato chips which may be harmful.

For overcoming this type of unhealthy routine, you have to think about your routine. You have to maintain a good sleep-diet connection which will help you in your life. It is not the thing that if you have a sleep you will lose weight but you will have a healthy routine. I think people now days are very busy in their lifestyle and tensions are increasing in them Day by Day. They have a tension of work, they can’t give time to their family. Due to this type of things they have to disturb their daily routine and work overnight. They have to maintain a good curriculum to be healthy and remain tensionless.



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