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Remdesivir cures 50% of COVID-19 Patients in Indian-American Clinical Trial

According to the US Pharma company, Remdesivir is showing positive results in the clinical trials. The antiviral drug is under phase three clinical trials, which are being monitored by a team on investigators.

The team of investigators also include an Indo-American Physician who is overseeing the clinical trials in the US.

As per the reports (US News) given by Gilead Sciences company, two different sets of tests took place where one group of patients received a 5-day dosage, and another group of patients received a 10-day dosage.

Both types of analysis yielded almost similar results as there was no significant difference in results due to the fluctuation of dosages. However, comprehensive data is yet to come, and once it is prepared, the conclusion will be made.

Fifty percent of the COVID-19 patients got treated with Remdesivir antiviral drugs during the clinical trials. Data also shows that more than 50 percent of people were sent home from the hospitals’ under two weeks.

Investigators believe that they are on the verge of drug approval, and in no time, it will be available World-wide.

Currently, Remdesivir has not been approved by any global institution, and it is not recommended to be used. Until now, Remdesivir is not scientifically proved that it is safe or not for the human body.

Remdesivir also works like other drugs, which create several copies of the virus in the human body and acts as a protective shield in the human body.

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