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President Trump’s Tax Return Conflict Reaches The Supreme Court

Trump’s Tax Return Under Scanner, Supreme Court to Investigate| US News

President Donald Trump’s tax return is under the radar of the US Supreme Court. It is set to be added in the list of most significant cases heard by the US Supreme Court.

Investigations regarding the President’s tax return will add a new twist in the 2020 election campaign. Possibly, John Robert will be the Chief Justice for hearing of the case of Donald Trump. He has a tough task in front of him whether President’s Tax Return should be made public or not. 

Due to Coronavirus, the hearing will be done through a live internet call on Tuesday. Trump will be in massive trouble as he tried to keep House Democrats and New York prosecutor away from his financial records. Not only this, but he threatened banks and accountants to not give any statement in the court. Both of his actions are not acceptable, and it can land him in huge trouble.

It is not the first time when the US President is under the radar of investigation. Previously, it happened way back in 1974 and 1997. Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were the other two Presidents to be investigated at a massive scale. 

Source| CNBC.com

In 1974, Richard Nixon was ordered to provide the Secret tape recordings of the White House by Supreme Court. Once the tapes were handed over to the US Supreme Court, the decision was made against Richard, and he had to resign from his position.

Again an incident happened in 1997 where the court summoned Bill Clinton for sexual harassment allegations.

Now, 13 years forward, another President is under the radar of the Supreme Court for tax returns. 

Chief Justice will need to know about Checks and Balances of Donald Trump to give a fair decision in this tough situation.

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