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Philippines COVID-19 Positive Cases Rise to 14,305| World News

Coronavirus has not left any country untouched, and the Philippines is also one of them. The Philippines is also facing the wrath of COVID-19 lately.

On Sunday, 258 new cases were registered in the country due to which favorable circumstances in the country rose to 14,035. 

Source| New Indian Express

According to the data shown by the government, 72 more people got recovered on Sunday which brought the tally to 3,249 recoveries in the country. Typically the recovery rate in countries like the United States of America is not so good, but in Phillippines, till now recovery rate has been excellent.

Unfortunately, five people died on Sunday due to Coronavirus illness, and the Death toll rose to 868 in the country. The Baclaran Elementary School in Paranaque City is being prepared to serve the coronavirus patients being brought there.

National Capital Region is the central hub of the pandemic as 195 cases out of 258 new cases came from there on Sunday. The death rate is decreasing gradually as data suggests that for the straight 7th time in 8 days, less than eight deaths were reported.

Regular testing of COVID-19 patients is being performed, and there is a possibility of an increase in cases by 6,000. Although results are yet to come and there is no confirmation through government statistics also.

Coronavirus was found in Wuhan, China last year during December and it has taken the lives of more than 3 lakh people in the World.

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