New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Declares 20 Per cent Pay Cut Due To Covid-19



New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, ministers take 20% pay cut in coronavirus solidarity

Lockdown from countries throughout the planet to resist the spread of this outbreak has been hit. As a sign of solidarity, PM of New Zealand Jacinda Arden announced that she and a few government ministers along with chief executives in the public sector would take a 20 per cent slash in their salary for the next six months. 

As it is, people are facing grave unemployment problems as a result of COVID 19. She even acknowledged the fact that this action of her will not be enough to change the existing economic or financial condition of the economy, yet the act can demonstrate leadership.

Ardern, NZ ministers take a COVID-19 pay cut

Ardern further added in her speech that the tough time is capable of bridging the gap between the rich and the poor in society. The disparities existing in society can be closed only in such difficult times. 

The annual salary of Arden is New Zealand $471,049, and she will take home salary after a cut of $47,105 New Zealand dollars. The government in New Zealand has already paid $9 billion to 1.5 million citizens in wage subsidies to support the employers so that they can pay their staff. The step was taken by Newzealand govt and announced as a significant step towards curbing financial problems in the country due to the result of the Corona Virus spread. 

Several other countries are also following the leadership step taken by the New Zealand PM and have announced a cut in their salaries.


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