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Netflix|Rs 199 Mobile Plan|India| Netflix Targets Hotstar And Amazon Prime Video

Netflix Rs 199 Mobile Plan Launched in India

Netflix has launched Mobile-only plan worth Rs 199  in India. This is the first only mobile go subscription plan which is started in the Indian market with global streaming and lots of new series. This monthly plan will allow users to access the Netflix content in standard definition (480 p)without any disturbance and with no ads in between. It is compatible with all the smartphones and tablets and it allows one user at a time on one plan.

Globally, Netflix has a subscription base of 160 million. Today people are so occupied in their working days and weekends also so Netflix is high in demand for all the people who don’t have time for entertainment on laptop or Tv, Netflix can sign in anytime once you feel like. According to the recent research done by a Bangalore based consulting firm that Netflix has 11 million monthly users from the Indian market.

With the launch of the new mobile-only plan, it is likely to get more subscribers to the Netflix platform. Netflix had three existing plans and the basic plan starts with Rs 499 per month, Standard plan Rs 649 per month and a premium plan Rs 799 per month.

Netflix mobile plan is designed so uniquely by considering the usage pattern of Netflix India. As we know, In India people more likely to search on Mobile as compare to Netflix subscribers anywhere in the world. In Indian Market, Netflix subscribers are amongst the highest downloaders of content globally. As per the study of Netflix, it says In India 70 percent of the subscribers watch at least one movie every week.

According to a FICCI-EY 2019 report, Indians spend 30 percent of their phone time – and over 70 percent of their mobile data – on entertainment.

Netflix focussing more on Indian films and series compare to all genres and for all type of generations whether they are young or old. Already there are thirteen new movies and nine new original series are coming up.

Netflix Targets Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video.

With the newly launched Monthly plan, Netflix wants to beat Hotstar and Amazon prime Video. This is the first time Netflix has launched a mobile plan. In the Netflix Rs 199 monthly moble plan it is providing hundreds of TV shows and movies with the live service. This is the plan which is half of their basic plan that is Rs 499. Here is the link to give it a try – Netflix – New Mobile plan Rs 199. Hotstar and Amazon Prime video are also in demand but in front of Netflix, nobody can go anywhere, its the masterstroke for every competitor.

Option to Download offline

Yes. there is an option to download office and its a huge benefit of subscribing to any Netflix plan. Even if you chose Rs 199 monthly plan, you will get the option to download content on for offline viewing.

How can I sign up for Rs 199 plan on my smartphone?

  • Netflix signs up on the company website- it can be downloaded from Google play store or Apple App store.
  • Once sign up is done you can select Rs 199 mobile plan monthly.
  • After this, you will get a one-month free trial from Netflix.
  • At any time, during the trial period, you can choose to end your Netflix plan, you can cancel it immediately.
  • If you want to subscribe to the Rs 199 plan, then pay the amount through credit or debit card.


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