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NASA Mission Mars 2020 : Space Mission News, NASA’s Latest Happenings

NASA Mission Mars, Space Mission News, NASA’s Latest Happening, NASA’s Latest Updates, NASA News, NASA Updates.

NASA Mission Mars 2020

Imagine our life with zero knowledge of science, what’s happening in our universe or why are certain things beside us happening or even exist? What would we do if we had no clue of the current happenings of the space? NASA is one of the biggest contributors for our existing knowledge of science and this entire world and we, with NASA, would be totally unaware of a number of important things or mechanisms taking place in the solar system.

Let’s take a moment to commemorate NASA’s efforts in the world of science and have a look at the latest happenings and discoveries officially announced by them – just in case you are curious to know what’s really happening and what’s probably next.

Space Mission News And Things Currently Happening At NASA

  1. Expedition 62: It is the 62nd long-duration mission of six months to the International Space Station and has been scheduled for February 2020. Jessica U. Meir, who apart from her academic qualifications and achievements have also participated in NASA’s research flights, will be the main flight engineer and astronaut along with Andrew Morgan. She, along with her other crewmates are scheduled to aboard the Soyuz MS-13 spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The aim of the mission is to conduct around 250 research experiments which are not possible on Earth but have practical applications of our planet and also, eventually to explore Moon and Mars.
  1. The Unscrewing of Soyuz MS-14 Spacecraft: For the upcoming launch in space in 2020, the Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft is being worked on to launch for a test flight. The spacecraft will be undocked on September 6, 2019. For the test flight, no crew members will be on board. Instead, 1,450 pounds of cargo will be carried.
  2. The Assembling of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope: This space telescope is being assembled to launch on 30 March 2021, succeeding the Hubble Space Telescope. This telescope is very better than what the Hubble telescope is capable of doing. It is known to operate at the second Lagrange point, nearly 1.5 million kilometers away from the orbit of the Earth. The deep space will be observed in infrared so that distant objects are measured even better, with a focal length of 131.4 m and the wavelength of 0.6 pm to 28.5 pm.
  3. The Study of Mars Solar Conjunction: According to NASA, the Mars Solar Conjunction is a period observed in space when Mars is completely opposite of the Sun, as seen from the Earth. This is a very important topic of research and study at NASA because it is believed that this can cause the Sun to interrupt radio transmissions to spacecraft on and around Mars.

During this conjunction, the hot and ionized gas expelled by Sun will interfere with radio signals. This will cause difficulties for engineers trying to communicate with spacecraft at Mars. This might also corrupt commands and instruction, eventually leading to unexpected behaviors in solar space exploration.

NASA Updates

Apart from these, there are many other major events taking place and/or being planned for the upcoming events at NASA. A lot of current happenings at NASA revolve around the upcoming launch to the International Space Station. Some other current happenings at NASA include meetings, interviews, and proposals to be one more step ahead in the interplanetary space.

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