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Mission Mangal Movie Ratings And Reviews : Akshay Kumar Movie Mission Mangal Cast And Box Office Collection

Mission Mangal – is such an inspiring movie in the Bollywood industry and being an Indians we are so proud as it is based on Mangalyaan. When the first poster of movie Mission Mangal came out -it was totally criticized because it was prominently displaying Akshay Kumar but as per the movie script the film is dedicated to the five women. This movie will create history in the box office.

Mission Mangal is totally based on true events and it is one of the biggest research achievement as of now in the Bollywood industry. If we talk about Social media platform – they already abuzz lots of reviews for Mission Mangal. Most of the critics and people have been appreciating the film by giving positive reviews.

Mission Mangal Movie Ratings and Reviews

The story of Mission Mangal has collected positive reviews from social media and other platforms and it’s going to be the biggest hit on the box office and the ratings will surely be the highest. The movie describes the problems that the team faced during their project Chandrayaan, their unity and their cooperation with each other and all the support they got, their success times their failure during the Mission Mangal. The movie has collected positive reviews from their critic also.

Mission Mangal Movie Cast-

Mission Mangal starred Akshay Kumar, Tapsee Pannu, Sonakshi Sinha, Vidya Balan, Kirti Kulhari, Nithya Menen in critical roles. Mission Magal is set to hit in all the theaters tomorrow 15th August 2019, and also it is totally based on the ISRO’s – Space Research Organization Mission and the project is MARS. The movie wholly revolves around female scientists who made the rocket which was cost-efficient and it is what seemed like an impossible mission.

Mission Mangal movie – directed by Jagan Shakti


Mission Mangal Box Office Collection

On the Internet and Social Media platform, Mision Mangal has created its buzz. The movie is the whole sole based on all the women who have substantial roles whether it’s their personal/professional capacities and Akshay Kumar the major lead have huge stardom and will support the movie in its own way and will boost the box office collection. Mission Mangal movie is expected that it will grab its first-day box office collection of Rs25 to 30 crores and will definitely run successfully in all the cinema theaters.

Akshay Kumar Movie Mission Mangal

According to Journal Headlines, the movie Mission Mangal will achieve the highest weekend collection and lost of success from the first day only. This movie has great potential and will be the biggest hit on box office and will be rank one of the best movie in the box office journey. Everyone who is interested to watch the movie Mission Mangal what are you waiting for? Go and book your tickets – because of its worth spending money and time. The reviews and ratings of this movie are superb.

Enjoy and Have fun with your dear ones. For more updates stay updated with us for more information on Mission Mangal box office updates.

Akshay Kumar is so consistent from last four years with his Independence Day releases like – In 2015 – Brothers, In 2016- Rustom, In 2017 -Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, In 2018- Gold and In 2019- Mission Mangal. Hope for the best as this Independence day the movie Mission Mangal will also be lucky likewise other movies were.


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