Home Space The Lyrid meteor shower of 2020 peaks tonight!| Space

The Lyrid meteor shower of 2020 peaks tonight!| Space

Lyrid Meteor Shower 2020 To Lit The Sky Tonight: 22nd April

The Annual Late Night Show of Sky has returned once again this year. The Lyrid Meteor Shower of 2020 peaked last night, and the show will continue this week too. Generally, the meteor show is seen during early April of every year, and this time it began around 16th April and expected to last till 26th April 2020. Want to know more about Meteors Shower:

  • What is Lyrid Meteor Shower?
  • When and Where to See Lyrid Meteor?

If Yes, let’s dive into the whole bunch of information explained below.

The Lyrid meteor shower of 2020 is likely to soon be in its most useful immediately, but NASA has captured any”shooting stars” with detectors across the USA.

Lyrid meteor shower 2020: What it is and how to watch it

What Is A Lyrid Meteor Shower?

Lyrid Meteor Shower is an activity in the dark sky where shooting stars or meteors are seen originating from the constellation Lyra.

These Meteors Showers are being seen in the sky since 687 BC, and their show is still going on every year. It is believed that they are seen clearly in the Northern Hemisphere of the World, and when showers are at their peak, the probability of observing them increases.

Although, it is highly unlikely for an individual who is watching the meteor showers for the first time to spot them. For a newbie to observe them is a challenging task. When the Showers are at their peak, we can see up to 20 meteors per hour, and if there was any chance to observe this was last night when they were at their peak.

LyridMeteor Shower 2020| Watch It Peak in Night Skies

Watching Lyrid Meteors Showers is not an easy task by any means, and a lot of strategy goes into this. An experienced professional is the one who can observe it clearly, but he too needs some strategy and a bit of luck as well on his side.

According to the experts, if you want to see the Meteors Shower, then you have to move to the darkest place nearby where not a single ray of light is present. This increases the chances of Meteors being observed by the person, and secondly, you have to lie down entirely then look towards the sky. If your strategy goes right and luck favours you, then you might observe the Lyrid Meteors Shower.

When and Where To Observe Lyrid Meteor Showers?

The Meteor Shower Show in the dark sky is held every year at the beginning of April. Typically it is seen that it lasts for ten days with a peak day in between. The best time to observe the meteors shower in any part of the Earth is the time between midnight and dawn.

This year Lyrid Meteor Showers of 2020 began from 16th April 2020 and is expected to last till 26th April 2020. It peaked on 22nd April night, and NASA was able to catch meteors in their cameras.

To watch the meteors, you need to find the shower’s radiant point, and for that, you need to spot the Lyra constellation in the dark sky.

And for all this to happen, you need to go away from the city where minutest of lights are not there to spot the Lyrid Meteors Shower of 2020 clearly in the dark sky.

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