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Hubble Space Telescope Celebrates 30th Anniversary: NASA

Hubble Space Telescope 30th Anniversary Celebration This Month

Hubble Space Telescope completes its 30 years in Orbit on April 25 2020. It is one of the most iconic moment for astronomers of NASA. The uniqueness of Hubble Space Telescope makes it stand out which eases the life of Astronomers as they can repair or upgrade it without any hassle. According to NASA, this is one of the most valuable inventions for them as it has been sending images to Earth from three decades.

The Telescope was deployed into the Earth’s Orbit 30 Years ago on April 24, 1990, by NASA. It has been recording some of the most charismatic images from the Orbit and sending them to Astronomers for a long time now. 

Hubble Space Telescope Images

Hubble Space Telescope Celebrates 30th Anniversary Images

What makes Hubble Space Telescope stand out? Let’s dive into the past, it is not the first telescope sent into the Earth’s Orbit, but it is its innovative design which makes Hubble different from other space telescopes. In addition to that, it has been serving Astronomers for straight 30 years now, and that is the longest life span of any space telescope out there. It’s innovative design also helps astronomers to upgrade and repair the telescope according to their requirements.

Incredibility of Hubble is not limited to scientific researchers, but all people around the world have been fascinated by the beauty of the telescope. Anyone in the world with access to the internet must have seen the fantastic and mysterious pictures sent by Hubble. As per astronomers of NASA, it is the best device Earth could have got in the Orbit which makes Hubble special. Astronomers also claim that it was the most significant invention in space for the very first time in the history of astronomy.

History of Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope was sent in Earth’s Orbit on April 24, 1990, by NASA. From then it has been sharing some hugely influential images of planets and stars with astronomers for 30 years now. Astronomers tag it as one of the most exceptional findings in the history of space.

It was a project in which both NASA and European Space Agency were involved for the invention of Hubble. Astronomers of both agencies helped each other in designing of the telescope, which resulted in the imagination of a telescope that can be serviced in space itself by astronauts. Maintaining in the area was a massive factor for the telescope as it helps astronomers to keep telescope fine-tuned.

In 1993 for the first time telescope was repaired by the astronauts because it was deployed in the Orbit with a significant flaw in it that went unnoticed at the time of launch. Hubble had a defect in its primary mirror which went unnoticed during its launch. Till now Hubble has been repaired or upgraded by astronauts for five times. First being in 1993 and then in 1997,1999,2002 and 2009.

Phew!!, that was the history of Astronomers favourite Hubble Telescope invented 30 years ago.

Hubble has ignited the field of research not for the current generation but for the future generations too as it provides a massive amount of data to the astronomers for their study.

Till now, it has generated around 1.4 million data points from the space, which makes astronomy more enjoyable, relevant and researchable. More than 17,000 scientific publications have been published with the help of data provided by Hubble.

You and I may not be aware of the beauty Hubble provides but for NASA, and the European Space Agency admires its beauty for which they are inviting us for Hubble’s birthday.


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