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Heart Attack Symptoms | Causes & Treatment

A heart attack is a medical emergency that occurs due to blood clots that block the flow of the blood to the heart. And as blood carries oxygen to the heart and from there the blood is transferred to different parts of the body.

As the oxygenated blood doesn’t reach the heart muscles, the tissues lose oxygen supply and weaken up and the tissues die.

How is block caused?

A heart attack is caused due to the blockage of blood vessels. Over time, the cholesterols in the body start accumulating in the vessels that lead to the heart muscles. After accumulation, the cholesterol starts to harden or solidify due to which the blockage occurs.

What happens after a block is caused?

Due to this block, arteries become narrower than they were and hence they stop supplying as much as the oxygen they were supplying.

Due to this, the walls stress themselves to obtain more and more oxygen. Due to this stress, of not having enough oxygen, the part of the heart or the muscle looses coordination with the other muscles and hence it dies.

Causes of a Heart Attack

The causes of heart attack can be multiple:

  1. Family history- Family history can be a factor that cannot be evitable. The DNA structures might be the reason due to which it is continuing from generation to generation.
  2. Smoking- Smoking kills red blood cells in our body that make the most important part of the blood. The sign of healthy blood is having a good number of red blood cells. They are the carriers of oxygen and hence smoking can cause heart attacks.
  3. Drinking- Drinking increases the cholesterol levels in the body, due to which the blocks in the heart occur.
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Diabetes

Symptoms of a Heart Attack

One must be aware of the symptoms of a heart attack. Here listed are the symptoms-

  1. Pain the left hand.
  2. Chest pain and feeling breathlessness.
  3. Severe nausea.

These signs are the basic signs one has to look out for. These signs may range from mild to severe. One might have to keep a proper eye out for the signs in case the symptoms are too mild enough to notice.

The pain can be experienced from the left arm, shoulder, to the neck, the jaw and the left-back as the heart stops supplying enough oxygen to the body.

Treatment for Heart Attacks

Although due to development in the field of technology and sciences, we have reached, it is better to follow the old saying, prevention is better than cure.

It is suggested that before the paramedics arrive, the patient must be given aspirin. Aspirin helps the pain to reduce. Although it is not a permanent solution, it will provide some relief to the patient.

After the patient is rushed to the hospital, the patient will be looked after and depending on the severity of the case, the doctor suggests the required steps needed to take.

One of the fastest and the earliest ways to treat the person is to perform the electrocardiogram [EKG] on the person.

If the heart doesn’t respond to the shocks, the further processes that are taken are angioplasty and heart catheterization.  It is recommended that the person is rushed to the hospital as soon as possible so that necessary steps can be taken and the person’s life can be saved.



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