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Green Tea Health Benefits & its Side Effects | Green Tea for Skin

One of the most discussed topics on the internet is health. All the fitness gurus on Instagram and Snapchat swear by some of the other routines and food. One of the most favorite routine you see is to consume Green Tea. Green tea has been widely promoted by many actors and fitness gurus in the past 5 years.

Origin and uses:

  • It is made from the Camellia Sinesis plant.
  • The origins of green tea come from China and a few parts of India.
  • They have been used in various fields ranging right from refreshments to health care.

How Green Tea is Prepared – Green tea was traditionally prepared by steeping. The tea leaves are first boiled in hot water to extract the contents and, later the liquid is served.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Here listed are a few health benefits of green tea:

  1. Green tea and cardiovascular diseases:
  • Observational studies have shown that consuming green tea regularly has shown a major decrease in death due to cardiovascular diseases almost by 5%.
  • Studies have shown that consumption of green tea regularly for 7-8 months can help reduce the risk of death due to systolic and diastolic blood pressures.
  • Another group of studies has shown that there is a chance of reducing deaths due to strokes.
  1. Green tea and cancer prevention:
  • Studies have shown that progress has been observed in cancer prevention through dietary antioxidants.
  • One of the review articles from Tea and health: studies and humans, describes the major epidemiological and clinical studies on tea consumption and how the risk of cancer at different organ sites in humans can be reduced.
  • It can effectively reduce the cancers in the bowels, esophagus, breast, bladder, skin, stomach.
  1. Green tea and Diabetes:
  • Regular intake of green tea has shown reductions in oxidative stress, and inflammatory and metabolic biomarkers with patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus as being suggested by a survey from the above-mentioned journal.

4. Green tea for weight loss

Green tea also helps in building our immune system and also results in weight loss.

Side Effects of Green Tea

  1. Green tea and stomach ulcers:
  • As the saying goes, too much of a good thing might also be bad for health. And that is true in the case of this wonder aid too.
  • Too much caffeine can cause ulcers as it can cause some serious ulcers and constipation.
  1. Green tea and Insomnia:
  • Usually, caffeine content has a tendency to keep you up until late in the night. As green tea also has up to some content of caffeine content in it, it may cause some real troubles that might cause you some serious issues like insomnia.
  • There are some chemical compounds in it that might trigger ADHD and schizophrenia.
  1. Green tea and blood pressure:
  • Caffeine content has proven to be quite risky for caffeine consumers who take it in forms of coffee and regular tea. And it has been observed that even in people who drink green tea, the risk of having high blood pressure has been seen.
  • And hence, it further leads to cardiovascular diseases like strokes.

Green tea benefits for skin

  • Green tea has been proven quite effective on skin as it removes the toxic oxidants and helps you maintain a glowing skin much easier.
  • It can treat acne and open pores. The chemicals in the tea prevent the growth of germs present on your face and help you to control the excessive oil.
  • The fibers present in the tea leaves have been showing results in the growth of hair. These fibers can stimulate the hair follicles and add volume to your hair.


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