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Google Extends Family Leaves For Employees During Covid-19 Pandemic

Google Increases Family Leaves For Employees To 14 Weeks. 

World-renowned company Google has declared a 14-week holiday to protect its employees from the outbreak of the virus. Google employees say that it will be beneficial for us who are facing problems in coming to office under COVID-19. Employees are going to face that problem now and would spend their time with family members in their home. Google decided to increase leaves for 14 weeks, due to the epidemic spread across the globe. All the employees of Google are pleased with this decision. While appreciating Google, many employees have said that they use this time by spending time with their families.

It will be safe from the epidemic, quoting Google sources, that it decided that during the 14-week holiday, the salary of the employees will be given for eight weeks and then rest for six weeks, Payment will be deducted.

Google spokesman said that…

The spokesperson has said that the scheme will only apply to Google’s full-time global workforce, which has more than 100,000 people. Its Google’s latest move against Coronavirus Apart from this, the facility will not provide to others who have provided this facility to Google. Employees who have granted leave told us that we should give our family time during this holiday. The main aim of Google’s purpose is to provide flexibility to their employee so that they can take care of their family. It’s one of the latest move from Google among the different tech companies which are trying to respond effectively against this epidemic virus.

Different well-known companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon promised that they would continue to pay their employees who are working hourly. Google’s latest move against coronavirus is that employees will start working from home from the march. Now Google decided to increase leave for 14 weeks. Companies are also trying to make an app to help the world in knowing the symptoms of this disease. They are donating various manufacturing equipment useful for doctors. It will not only help doctors but provide security against Coronavirus.

Due to children’s school closure As you all know that almost all the schools have closed to avoid the pandemic spreading in this world due to Coronavirus when parents go to work at that time, but the children stay at home alone then Google’s latest move against coronavirus is to give a holiday to all parents and said to take care of their children and be safe at home.

This epidemic has created panic all over the world. This programmed holiday is given because this epidemic disease is almost destroying the study of 91% of school students in 188 countries. The company workforce has also had a high impact due to this disease. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, said that this disease would slow down the hiring rate in the current year. Hopefully,  Google’s latest move against coronavirus will be a top concern to their employees.

This was a good move from Google, and employees appreciate Google for these. Many employees have already thanked Google by signing an internal letter for helping them.

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