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German Scientists Discovered Antibodies That Block COVID-19 From Transmission

Great news has been surfacing regarding the cure of Coronavirus from Germany. It is being claimed that German scientists discovered antibodies that block the COVID-19 virus from entering the cells in a recent study.

It could be beneficial for coronavirus patients who are in a critical situation. Nothing is confirmed at the moment whether it could be a cure or vaccine, but scientists believe that it is an excellent sign of development at the moment.

Game changer: German scientists find antibodies that BLOCK coronavirus from spreading further

Virologist Professor Luka Cicin-Sain, during an interview, claims that he felt that they are on the right track for developing a drug which could be a solution for Coronavirus shortly.

He also added that they are continuously experimenting with the drug, and results have been successful until now.

If we talk about in numbers, German scientists have observed 6,000 human antibodies and more than 750 antibodies showed that it prevents from spreading further through an infected patient. The model is not perfect yet since the sample size is small. Therefore additional experiments are going on to find a way out for blocking the Coronavirus.

Further, in the interview, he says that he is fascinated with the success they have got till now with the experimentations and they are looking ahead to produce better results. He also cleared that Scientists are not going to provide any vaccine or cure through this research, but they are trying to make a treatment that heals COVID-19 patients in a critical situation.

German Scientists are working with a Bio-Tech company named Yumab, and they are planning to do the first phase of clinical trials in the autumn season.

Drugs used for treating Ebola and Marburg are being used in the tests, and the study showed that it reduces recovery time.

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