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Echo Dot 3rd Generation: Alexa Smart Assistant

Alexa smart Assistant | Echo Dot 3rd generation

In this era, everyone needs an assistant for personal or commercial usage according to the purpose and time criteria. So in order to have the client satisfaction, many companies have launched their assistant software’s which have the capacity to remind, do ans set the things accordingly. One of those is the Alexa Smart Assistant which is developed by Amazon in the year 2014, which operating system is available in Fire OS 5.0, IOS 8.0 and Android 4.4.

The assistant can be performed under the platforms like Android, Linux, IOS, fire TV, Fire HD, Cortana and still more available in most of the languages which usually people prefer and basically can be used as an intelligent personal assistant and cloud-based voice service. te Coming to the operations can be performed by Alexa is capable of interactive in voice, playback the music, make reminders, prepare a to-do list, making alarms, streaming podcasts, audiobooks playing and providing the information regarding weather, traffic, sports, and some real-time information according to the location assigned. And has the flexibility to connect with the other electronic devices for further usage and acting as a Home automation system till now. So as to extend some of its features there is availability to install the skills through 3rd party applications. And a by a simple word ALEXA, the assistant gets starts to respond accordingly.

The launch of New Echo studio by Amazon in the month of September 2019 has brought a lot of specifications and features to Alexa which beaten its previous version called 1st generation as now it is available for 3rd generation devices.

Features – Echo Dot 3rd Generation | Alexa Smart Assistant

  • Coming to the updated device Alexa smart assistant with the Echo Dot 3rd generation -which includes Google Home mini with compact size, fabric design, easy with the integration and setup, clear call quality, and improved Alexa app with the flexibility to add up another speaker to Alexa with matching compatibility.
  • Whereas it lacks mainly in the quality of the sound isn’t quite enough and the incorporation of the auxiliary cable of 3.5mm which is in much usage, gets maximum distorts at max volume, no real bass and finally the view of knowledge isn’t in a position to compete with the Assistant provided by Google.
  • Well, the edition Echo dot with clock shows the temperature or alarm times which is scheduled accordingly.
  • This smart Assistant is available for $60 around at online including Amazon. The attracting features are that the Alexa is now able to recognize the voice notes of different profiles in the home as of November and the ease of visibility of the top light across the room.
  • When the 3rd generation device compared with 2nd one, it is far better in all the aspects. Such as design aspect the latest device provides the soft and more attractive whereas the 1st & 2ng hard plastic outer. Well in the aspect of sound the 3rd gen gives the 360 degrees sound with improved quality of 1.6-inch speaker whereas the 2nd gen had 1.1 inch and multiple portholes, apart from these the 3rd gen is 70% louder than 2nd one.
  • The Alexa voice assistance got some variations in voice matching and smart home connectivity which posses by both the devices. The latest devices use four far-field mics for hear across some distance whereas the older versions got 7 microphone array with the music blaring.
  • And an additional subwoofer is provided for 3rd gen device by which user can turn up the bass whereas this feature lacks in older versions but inbuilt with this one to some extent.
  • There is an availability of the app for controlling these devices from Amazon for all the operating systems. And further development is taking on the 3rd gen device by Amazon so as to satisfy the client.The best time to time buy this device is now as it is available at Amazon with a combo offer of Wipro bulb at 2,999. Finally, Amazon taking the Assistant features to advanced level with better applications.
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