Dream Girl Movie Day 4 Box Office Collection & 5th Day Prediction

Dream Girl Movie Day 4 Box Office Collection

Ayushman aka Karam is desperate for a job but fails to find any. His talent of transforming his voice into someone else’s has found him a job in a call center where he pulls off conversations bearing sexual undertones. From a very early time, during his school years, he used to play Radha or Sita in school plays because of his extraordinary talent of transforming his voice. He also benefitted his friends by making a proxy of his school friends. Later in life, his hobby turns into his living.

He is revered in Gokul for the role of Radha and Sita he plays during plays. Nushrat Bharucha, who plays his significant other, in the film, is completely oblivious of his double life. Karam keeps everyone in the dark about his profession as it is a profession which is not conventional in nature and hence, in order to avoid social allegations, he conceals his profession and it is only confided in his friend Jagjit Singh.

No concept of transgender is hinted or portrayed in the film. Ayushman does not resort to cross-dressing while donning his voice into a woman’s.

Dream Girl Movie 4th Day Box Office Collection

It has not been a week and the movie is already garnering praises from all corners. The latest number of ratings on the movie is three out of five which would obviously accelerate in the weeks coming up.

The audience are turning out in large numbers in the movie theatres and are loving the concept.

Dream Girl movie 4th Day box office collection – 42.78 crores(Approx)

Dream Girl movie 5th Day box office collection prediction – 44.86 crores (Approx)

Though the title of the movie “dream girl” resonates with the song Dreamgirl portraying Hema Malini. Well, only after its release, many realized that it was not a remake of the old one. The dream girl is this movie is no girl but the male protagonist who dubs the voice of a girl for his livelihood. He is basically a cross-gender actor in the film. Ayushman Khurana, the male protagonist in the movie, has a unique quality of transforming his voice into that of a female’s whom he calls Pooja and strikes conversations with people all over the world. People are basically disillusioned.

To opine will be to be in agreement with the audience. The film is based on an idea which is very much out of the box. It is truly a film made for the citizens of the twenty-first century. The portrayal of Auyshman arouses a sense of commonness because every individual is desperate to achieve something or at least cope with the degrading economical crises.



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