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Dengue: Causes | Prevention | Symptoms And Treatment |All you Need to know

Ahh! It’s the rainy season. The months of July, August and September are usually the rainy months and excites everyone to explore and have fun. The rain not only brings harmony and develops mood but also brings diseases like Dengue, also known as the breakbone fever. The month is also the breeding month of mosquitoes which breed mainly in places which hold water like in containers. A specific mosquito, the Aedes mosquito causes dengue. Dengue is caused by a virus and no specific antiviral or vaccine available to cure dengue. Hence it can only be avoided by preventing mosquito’s bites.

Dengue Causes And Prevention

Here are some preventive measures to avoid being a dengue patient-

  • Avoid going to crowded areas in these days.
  • Wearing long-sleeved clothes and full pants decreases the chances of getting infected not just by dengue but many other viral diseases caused by an insect bite.
  • Mosquitoes breed at places where water is stagnant. So don’t store water in void holders. Discard or reuse water-holding compartments that are not being used. Change the water of flower pots week by week. Check for shrouded water bodies like sewer vents, septic tanks, obstructed channels, wells, and so forth.
  • Using mosquito net while sleeping reduces the danger of getting infected to a large extent.
  • Using mosquito repellant on bare skin minimizes the danger.
  • Nets on windows and doors prevent the entry of mosquitoes and insects.
  • Early consultation with doctors will be helpful to curb the infection at an early stage.

Dengue Symptoms And Treatment

Here are some Dengue symptoms(Dengue ke lakshan) that can be seen if one is infected by dengue. The infection would not spread to a great extent if it comes to the knowledge of the doctor at a very initial stage. So if you see these signs and symptoms do not assume on your own and do consult the doctor as soon as possible. Here are some symptoms which can cause or lead to dengue-

  • Severe headache and stomach pain
  • High body temperature
  • Restlessness and heavy breathing
  • Unusual bleeding of gums and nose
  • Extreme tiredness and irritation

There is no specific treatment for Dengue. People who are suspected of having dengue are generally observed for 1 month. When an individual is diagnosed with dengue, their number of platelets will be decreased at a greater pace that can be detected from the outcomes of the blood test. If it drops drastically the only way to save the patient is by using the method of blood transfusion. If a person is getting affected for the second time with dengue then he/she may have a high chance of failure of organs like kidney, liver, etc. Vaccinations are also available in specific countries.

Dengue treatment is very important Even after taking so many precautions if one gets infected and is diagnosed from dengue, here are some remedies that can help curb further spreading of infection-

  • Paracetamol, one of the best medicines can be consumed to lower down the body temperature. Avoid using Aspirin unless the doctor prescribes it.
  • During this, it is advisable to take plenty of rest as it may improve the mechanism and help in speedy recovery.
  • Intake of fluids like water and juice of fresh fruits and vegetables will help in increasing immunity and avoid dehydration which can be dangerous at this stage.
  • Consumption of papaya leaf juice will be helpful as it boosts up the immunity. Also, the consumption of goat milk will increase the platelet count which will prove to be very helpful.
  • Intake of apple or apple juice will increase the blood cells.
  • Neem leaves being the cure to almost all the diseases will save in this condition also. Having a glass of neem leaves juice will increase the WBC’s and the platelets which drop drastically when suffering from dengue.
  • Turmeric and milk are the best healing agents. A glass of hot turmeric milk at night will prove to be very beneficial.
  • Tea made up of tulsi leaves and black pepper will give a sigh of relief as it also boosts up your immunity.

Your life is precious not just for you but even others and those who love you dearly. Taking such menial precautions can save your life and add many more happy years. “Stay healthy, stay long.”

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