Home World News China's aggression at border & Nepal’s new maps are not Unplanned

China’s aggression at border & Nepal’s new maps are not Unplanned

Nepal’s New Maps & China’s Aggression at Border Not Normal

Around 5th May, soldiers of India and China were engaged with each other during a war. Soldiers of both sides had a neck to neck fight near Pangong Tso in eastern Ladakh.

Many of them acquired some injuries, and they were taken to Leh for their medical treatment. Leh is around 200 Km far from Ladakh. Few Chinese soldiers also have flown away in the river with the pressure of water.

On 9th May Chinese attacked Indian soldiers in Muguthang, Sikkim for the second time. If reports are to believed, then there were approximately 200 soldiers who fought with the Chinese army and attacked their Head who got injured during the fight.

Chinese Media has been announcing Indians as the culprits in their country’s newspapers. Chinese Media claims that Indian soldiers tried to enter the Chinese Territory due to which fight took place at the borders. They also warned Indian soldiers stating that if this happens again, then Indian Military will have to pay a heavy price.

In India, the situation is opposite as per the information by the sources. According to the sources, Chinese soldiers attempted to enter the Indian Territory, and they even tried to plant the flag using earth-moving machines.

All the happenings got steamed when Nepal came up with the restrictions on Nepal-India-China Trijucntion point at Lipulekh Pass.

Border Aggression: China Faces Backlash

Source| Republic World

The Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated Lipulekh Pass at the starting of May. After that new political maps were laid out claiming it as Indian Territory.

Nepal’s Prime Minister was under the radar of Indian Army Chief MM Naravane for a long time now.

According to him, KP Sharma was the helping hand of China, and he was right in assuming that. Claims became true when Pakistan attacked the Indian Security Establishment unexpectedly.

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