Home Science Chinese Firm Sinogene Introduced First Cloned Kitten – Garlic

Chinese Firm Sinogene Introduced First Cloned Kitten – Garlic

China Introduced First Cloned Kitten - Garlic

First Cloned Kitten Introduced By Chinese Firm

The future is now. China, one of the biggest superpowers in the world has once again proved itself with its advancement in the field of science and technology. It recently was reported that a cat was cloned in the laboratories. Garlic, the cat of a Chinese businessman Huang Yu who died in January at the age of two of a Urinary Tract Infection was cloned in the laboratories of Beijing based cloning laboratories, Sinogene. Sinogene provides pet cloning using a procedure of somatic cell nuclear transfer. It provides services to clone cats, dogs, and horses along with cell preservation.  The company has closed more than 40 dogs, each costing around $53,000. Mi Jidong, the chief executive of the company shared that it takes more hard work to clone dogs over cats as the window for harvesting a dog’s eggs is smaller than harvesting a cat’s.

Huang Yu, the owner of the cat told The New York Times that he was heartbroken when his cat died. He reportedly buried the cat in a park near to his home. But hours later, while reminiscing his beloved pet, he came up with the thought of having his pet cloned. To clone Garlic, scientists implanted the original cat’s skin cells into eggs harvested from other cats. After an electric or chemical shock, 40 cloned embryos were implanted into four surrogate mothers, out of which, 3 pregnancies were produced. Out of the 3 pregnancies, two of them were miscarriages.

Huang Yu Proud Parent of a Pet – Garlic

After spending seven months in the laboratory and $35,000, Garlic, the British Shorthair was completely cloned and developed. In the future, it is expected to become one of the booming markets that will have a lot of demand for. The size of China’s domestic pet market is expected to reach $28.2 billion this year, up nearly one-fifth from 2018, according to Gouminwang, a pet consultancy from Beijing. China has a large number of pets with 55 million pet dogs, 44 million pet cats with the demand for pet cats increasing by the day.

Many other countries have been cloning animals like USA, Britain, and South Korea and now, China has established itself among the list of these countries.

Critics say that instead of spending so much money on creating an animal with broader gene pools, people must spend the money on the existing pets and contend cloning as inhumane and inefficient.  But Mr. Mi Jidong says that the harm done to the animals is very small.

Today, Businessman Huang Yu has become a proud parent of a pet in China with his Ist cloned cat.






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