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Black Woman Invents First Computer Science Education Doll

Black Woman Bukola Somide is a Nigerian woman who invented the first computer science interactive doll named Somi. This doll is only 14 inches and is a fun doll to play and also provides education. People have liked this doll very much because it has all the quality that attracts people.

Bukola Somite is the first woman in the world to have discovered a doll named Somi, which is an interactive doll and is related to computer science education. Somi has been created by a Nigerian woman named Bukola Somide, based on the doll from a children’s book. She has recently published the book, which is Somi, The Computer Scientist: Princess Can Code. The unique thing is that this doll is based on the main character.

Black Woman Invents First Computer Science Education Doll

This book depicts the characteristics of Somi (doll) as a beautiful young girl like a bright, curious, and beautiful young girl with a natural interest in learning computer concepts from her mother. Bukola Somide has created 12 voice-overs to educate the children securely so that the subjects of computer science can be learned well. Through these 12 voice-overs, children can understand and learn well. The doll made is intended for use by anyone who is three or older, Bukola Somide reported that the doll is used primarily to discourage cyberbullying.

Explaining doll making Somide said that it is my passion to make people aware of computer science. Somide told us that she is very excited to make this doll (Somi). I hope this doll will be helpful. There are the various features of this doll that this it’s is an entertainment source as well as an inspirational tool for children through which education can be obtained.

Somide has published books on various activities related to computer science and has also created workshops for children, including an online mini-workshop, so that children can learn through this workshop.

The doll (Somi) made by Somide will make more advanced in various topics related to computer science and will also publish multiple books related to it. It will be benefited so that no child will have any problem getting information related to computer science.

Be aware: Volume manufacturing procedure for these Dolls will be placed, to begin within March 2020, and also quality-assured Dolls would be delivered for clients from August 2020. That depends upon people attempting to sell at the least 1000 components of the Somi,” computer-science Interactive Doll. Allow people to make this happen objective. Speak with buddies members and relatives email, on networking, and from the way of mouth-watering. Refunds on most of the ring orders (no charge card processing service expenses ) would begin just when we don’t accomplish our target mentioned previously.

To pre-order your Somi, The Computer Science Doll, visit https://www.innovant-tech.com/somidoll

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