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Black Hole Formation and Facts | NASA Science Mission Latest Updates

Black Hole is one of the hottest topics in physics right now. In 2015, when the first gravitational waves were discovered the whole physics has started its journey towards something bigger. It was our first step to another whole new world that is yet to be discovered.

Black Hole Formation and Facts

There are multiple black holes in the universe and in the galaxy; most of which are unknown to humankind. It is thus, always intriguing and interesting whenever new news or update regarding black holes take place. Recently, a trio of supermassive black holes has been observed of coming together. The discovery of this trio was also an accident. The scientists were looking for pairs of black holes when they stumbled upon this gem. This they consider is the strongest evidence in favor of the existence of a ‘triple system’ of actively feeding black holes. This discovery was not an easy one as it took a lot of observation by several citizen scientists. Big and Powerful telescopes were used to identify the merging of the galaxies of these black holes. The data was then matched using the information and data blocks of NASA and NASA scientists. NASA’s NuSTAR also spotted evidence of dust and gas circling one of the massive black holes. One of the scientists said that through the use of major observations, a new of identification these triple systems have been discovered.

The distance between one black hole and its neighbor ranges between 10,000 light-years to 30,000 light-years. But this large span of time will eventually shrink as the galaxies of these three supermassive black holes merge, eventually leading to the merger of the black hole. Scientists have studied the merger of two black holes, however, the presence of a third powerful black hole will cause results different from the traditional ones. The force from the third black hole is speculated to reduce the time span of the event and acting as a catalyst for the faster merger of the three black holes. The gravitational waves produced by this merger cannot be detected by even the most advanced technologies and thus the consequences of this merger remain to be speculations.

Blackholes have always been a subject of wonder and amazement for scientists. For decades it has nearly been impossible to produce and create an image of the black hole. However, early in 2019 scientists ultimately were able to bring to life a picture of the black hole. This was successful due to global cooperation, by turning the Earth into a giant telescope and creating the image of an object that is trillions of kilometers away. The idea was to experiment and see if Einstein’s idea of apace and time does justice to this and in short, it did. It is difficult or rather impossible to capture the image of a black hole because it doesn’t let light reflect from its surface, but rather consumes and sucks in all the light. However, through a collaborative effort, the team was able to produce a physical image of the black hole of the Milky Way galaxy.

The very current update is that astronomers for the first time, we’re able to witness the aftermath of a star being destroyed by a supermassive black hole. The observations were published on Thursday 29 September 2019. They have been keeping track of the events since January 19, 2019. They were keeping up with the updates every 30 minutes for a couple of months, using huge size telescopes. The event is referred to as Tidal Disruption Events as the stars start to lose their gravity, due to the gravitational force of the black hole overcoming it. The stars are broken into shreds, most of whose matter gets sucked by the black hole and some of which is thrown into space. The discovery of this event is important because there have only been handful events where astronomers were able to witness, the event before it reached the peak of its brightness like in this particular case. Black holes have always been things of wonder and will continue to be so, as they’re the great unknown that the world is trying to make sense of.

NASA Science Mission Latest Updates

Here are some of the recent updates you must know if you are a science fan:

  1. About 375 million light-years away from us, space scientists have discovered a massive star that is of the same size as our sun spiraling into the gravitational pull of a supermassive black hole.

The scientists have observed the phenomenon of tidal disruption event which is also called the Tidal Disruption Flare.

This phenomenon occurs when a star approaches a supermassive black hole that is sufficient enough to pull it towards itself; the star is pulled towards the black hole by its heavy tidal force and hence experiencing spaghettification. And when the star is being consumed by the black hole, a part of it is captured by the acceleration disk of the black hole that generates a temporary flare of radiation and hence the name Tidal Disruption Flare. The whole event was captured by one of NASA’s planet searching telescope, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite [TESS] that encountered the situation during its happening. The team was successfully able to measure the rate at which the star was starting to get brighter after the process has started. They also were able to observe a drop in its temperature and brightness which is rare and unique.

  1. Going a little bit further from where the black hole swallowed a star that is of the same size as our sun, scientists have found something else that will surely make you wonder in awe.

A billion light-years away from our home planet, Earth, three galaxies which have three massive black holes which are at the center of these galaxies respectively are going to collide. Earlier, we were looking only for the collisions of two massive black holes, but this is just a bonus.

The SDSS J084905.51+111447.2 is the system in which the occurrence has taken place.  Scientists have been amazed by this amazing occurrence and are even more determined to study about this than ever.

Although astronomers have been studying the process in which two black holes collide, and which was the first time in the history of humans where we detected gravitational waves that were generated due to the number of black holes merging together.

This has bought them an intriguing thought about various other possibilities that may occur and how it will affect the studies that have been done so far.

  1. Due to the rage created by the black holes, so far, scientists are proposing new theories that may change the face of astrophysics in the near future.

A few astrophysicists have proposed an idea that there might be a chance that there is a black hole or a bunch of them that might be revolving around the sun at a distance out there.  As too good to be true it seems to be, there might be a possibility that there are some massive black holes that are waiting to collide.  But this point has not been proven yet. It might be taken into consideration in the near future and we might get a new theory altogether.


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