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Bitcoin News: How to Buy Bitcoin | Price Chart | Best Bitcoin Wallet App

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Bitcoin News

Bitcoin news is largely searched over the internet with a minimum of at least 60,000 searches per month on Google alone. Currently, Bitcoin-USD prices are at a low pace. One of the latest and most important Bitcoin news is also that Bitcoin is gaining worldwide recognition for paying the salaries.

We all have heard about the trending Cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” a lot of times, but do we really have proper and complete information about it? It looks so amazing to imagine a decentralized digital currency without actually having a bank of its own. If you ask an expert about its gist, he’d simply say that Bitcoin is a beneficial currency that you can invest in to earn a hefty amount of money, without much efforts, time or hassles.

But what exactly is a Bitcoin? Through this article, we intend to help you understand what Bitcoin is, how it works and basically a lot of information that might answer all your queries about it. Let’s dive right in for a quick elucidation of the same.

How Does Bitcoin Really Work and What Are Its Benefits?

To say the least, Bitcoin is a very creative and new form of money transfers and payments. From individuals to business and developers, it is a profitable network for everyone. The best thing about a Bitcoin is that it helps in very quick peer-to-peer transactions without actually being managed by any central body.

Bitcoins can basically be used by any user on his/her mobile or computer. First, you need to generate your Bitcoin address to actually become a part of the entire mechanism. This is fundamentally like a UPI address you might have that is shared with your friends and connections for payments. It is a very secure mode of payment that does not require any legal IDs or permissions.

With Bitcoins, you can send money by first broadcasting it to a blockchain network. The blockchain takes time to process all the transactions and helps in a fast payment of money, 24*7. With paperless Bitcoin transactions in your pocket via your phone or hard disk, you can avail innumerable through them.  You can do safe and cheap cross-border transactions without being indulged in any legal processes, or high international transaction fees.

The times are gone when people used to buy gold as assets for their hard time. It is now time for people to gain new assets in the form of Bitcoins to take a lot of advantages in the future. You can invest in Bitcoins just like stocks and bonds, and earn a lot of profit by first holding the Bitcoin and then selling it as soon as the price hikes.

How to Buy a Bitcoin & Bitcoin Value

If you want to purchase a Bitcoin and invest your hard-earned money to earn back huge profits, you can easily do so by first generating your Bitcoin address and then select the amount you wish to invest. After choosing the amount, you can click “next” to continue from where you will be redirected to a checkout form.

The steps of buying a Bitcoin are very easy and clear. The entire transaction can be done within a matter of 1-2 minutes. The confirmation of the purchase, however, might take anywhere from ten minutes to one hour.

The value of Bitcoin keeps on fluctuating like any other currency in the world. Currently, 1 Bitcoin equals ₹7,50,849.15. You don’t need to necessarily buy one complete Bitcoin for investment or any sort of transfers. You can purchase it according to your budget. Say, for example, if you invest ₹1,00,000 in Bitcoins, you will actually have an asset of 0.15 Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price Chart

On 4th September 2019, Bitcoin price was testing support at $10,500, after its latest move upwards began to stabilize.

  • 1 Bitcoin equals 7,50,849.15 Indian Rupee
  • 1 Bitcoin equals 10,426.10 United States Dollar

The Bitcoin price chart is a very unpredictable thing for most of the experts. However, deep researches and studies continue to take place to understand the entire mechanism. However, the Bitcoin price charts play a huge role in predicting future prices and various trials-and-errors continue in this direction.

Best Bitcoin Wallet App

  1. Bitcoin Wallet App for Android – Bitcoin Wallet
  2. Bitcoin Wallet App for iOS – BitPay
  3. Bitcoin Wallet App for Mac Desktop – Bither 
  4. Bitcoin Wallet App for Windows Desktop – Bither 

Bitcoin to USD & Bitcoin Calculator

The Bitcoin conversion chart is a very in-depth topic for beginners to completely understand and calculate the actual value. Hence, the easiest way to convert a Bitcoin into USD is to use the Google Currency Converter. Currently, 1 Bitcoin equals $9,470.84. You can also use various other online Bitcoin calculator tools to calculate the current value of a Bitcoin in any currency.

Bitcoin Future and Amelioration

The future of Bitcoin is very bright as it is one of the most successful crypto-assets of all times. Ever since its existence, Bitcoin continues to rise and it has been predicted that one Bitcoin would be about the worth of $500,000 by the end of December 2020. So, what are you waiting for? Download Bitcoin, generate your address, do some easy and quick transaction and wait for your money to grow and turn in huge profits.

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