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Best Apple TV games | Best iPhone (iOS) Games 2019 | Download Free

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Apple TV Games 2019


Apple TV is not just a TV you can Netflix upon. Want to do something with the family apart from just watching TV? Apple TV has tons of games you can look forward to playing when you get home. But which games are the best ones ranked for 2019? Let’s check them out and download Free Apple TV Games –

Alto’s adventure

Incredible game. You play as Alto and are snowboarding down slopes with the purpose of collecting coins and catching llamas. ”Llamas equal points!” Best parts of this game being amazing visuals, great social sharing system, goal-based so you would be encouraged to replay. What’s not good about it is it doesn’t break the endless runner mold.

Horizon chase – World tour

Classic arcade game with a modernized look and feel. You’ll be racing against other AI opponents in beautiful landscapes and even places that you may have seen in real life. Free demo. Best parts of this game being plenty of replay scope, collection of different locations and tracks, retro visuals that bring the nostalgia. Not so good part is – is not that authentic or natural experience as its visuals would make you believe.

Crossy Road

Simple but gorgeous graphics. Can be played multiplayer too! All sorts of characters like robots and barnyard animals can be unlocked. All you have to do is get as far as possible saving yourself from getting nailed by the tractor. Easy gameplay, free, cool for kids and adults too. It would’ve been better if individual characters were not bought for so high a price and they had a power-up or something too.

Rayman adventures

You play as Rayman, defeating enemies and collecting incredi balls, facing scary boss battles. Brilliant visuals, easy to play. If you are an adventure fan, this is the game for you. Though the menu system is a little confusing, seems like designed to perplex and gameplay seems a bit superficial and hollow but if you can get past that, it’s a good game.

Best iPhone Games (iOS) 2019

iPhones (iOS) are great devices for gaming. With the endless number of games it provides, there is a surety of something for everyone. In case you’re wondering which games to start within 2019, Download free iPhone games, here is a list for you-

Donut county

About raccoons and their insatiable lust for garbage. You visit donut county and suck up everything you get your hands on into your endless hole. Items will combine and give interesting products. The best part is that it’s pretty and pink. Swallowing up everything is so satisfying but it’s over too quickly and the need to go back isn’t felt.

Into the Dead 2

You’re James who is trying to get back to his wife and daughter and meets a car accident on the way. You are surrounded by zombies and you have just a handgun and a walkie talkie and of course a desire to return to your family. You have to get your way out of the wilderness. Impressive graphical representations and well-produced cutscenes. Excessive microtransactions bring a blot on the cheek.


Ever thought to be a king and make decisions for the kingdom? Welcome to reigns. You will be a crowned king, forced to make decisions by swiping right or left. In case they lead to your untimely death, repeat your life over and over and find the best way to get out of the dilemmas while balancing your power with the church, military, and your greed. It is a good and a bad part at the same time that it is incredibly difficult. Your decisions almost always lead to your death. Fantastic value of money.

The witness

It is kind of like real life where you wake up on an island, clueless about where you are or even who you are. Only option being get up and explore and try to understand the reason for why you’re stranded here. With more than enough puzzles to find and then solve, this game can keep you enthralled for hours. Incredibly beautifully structured, striking visuals, the dose of mystery and big ideas. Bad parts are it is rather logical than emotional. Most of the times it leaves you wondering if you’re quite thick of mind.

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