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Best Android Apps You Must Have In 2020

Best Android Browser Applications 2020

Android App For Photos/Videos Edit


1galllery is the Best photos and gallery app until now. It is a great gallery app released for Android in 2019, this app has inbuilt edit photos, videos, view your past memories options. But the best feature of this app is that you can hide photos and folders and lock them with a PIN, password, or fingerprint ID as per your choice. The app is very easy to use and further, it uses less RAM.

Android App For Entertainment- Movies/Tv Shows


Netflix might be the most famous app and why not, because it is the best video streaming app. There are apps like Amazon Prime, HBO and even Disney+ but no one is been able to compete with Netflix. The subscription charges might be a bit high but is still in the lead. You will see different genres and even ending lists of films. You can easily choose your category and start watching. From now on you might not have to a cinema hall or download movies all the time since you have it all on Netflix.

Android App For latest Updates- International/National


Flipboard launched in 2010 is still the best news app up to date. This app keeps anyone updates with international, national and local news, you just need to choose your area of interest. Buying newspaper and turning pages have become old fashioned, with Flipboard’s in your hand you can just launch the app and read all that’s happening around you anytime anywhere.

Android App To Take Notes


Google keep is the best app for taking notes. There are many such similar apps but Google Keep is the most recommended and most liked app. You can write the important things down and put it on an alarm to notify you when needed. Other than that there many more extra features like you can add images, text, photos, voice recordings, or tick boxes. You don’t have to type things down by our own hand, for that you can use record your speech and it will automatically be transcribed into words.

Android App – To-Do List Calendar/Planner & Reminder

  1. ANY.DO

If you want more than just a note-keeping app then any.do is the best as with this app you can create a creating a small note for something you need to do and set deadlines to it and sync all tasks with your calendar

If you have Alexa or Google Assistant they can schedule tasks hands-free. This app helps you remain organized by setting a notification alarm and a daily reminder.

Android VPN App To Secure Data With (3rd Party)


Though there are lots of free VPN apps this paid version is the best. VPN means sending all of your data through a third party server and you got to have trust in that third party and this VPN app is someone whom we can blindly trust.  Many free and paid VPN apps keep logs of your data, and often state in their terms that they “may” send that data to third-party vendors. This is more of a threat since your private details may get exposed but this VPN app keeps you out of it.

Android App  Stores Date In Cloud Base

It is the best cloud storing app nowadays. Everyone has a google account and so all accounts get 15GB storage for free with built-in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You can keep anything in Google Drive safe and secured, like important documents, movies, and photos. The best thing is that Google’s powerful search features which come handy when you are finding specific files in Google Drive. Everything is synced through your Google account so no fear of losing it and you can add automatic backup for files and photos.

Android App For Instant Messaging

  1. SLACK

Slack is the best team chat app for collaborating with others, it more liked and installed than Microsoft Team too. Managing chats and keeping track of everything alongside is very important and Slack makes it easiest. The best of Slack is its search engine. There are filters like time constraints to search messages between very specific time periods or dates or search for messages containing certain words or search within certain channels for certain phrases.

Android App For Fitness

Google Fit is the best fitness app. There are many other apps about fitness but no one can come close to goggle as it has all of the unique options like step counter, a workout tracker for running and cycling, exercise tracking and many more such interesting things which make exercise fun. The app has heart points that track each time a minute of moderate activity is done and these features help you to focus on being more active when you can’t go to the gym or workout and gaining motivation to go exercise at the same time when you have more free time.




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