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Artificial Intelligence To Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic

How Artificial Intelligence is helping in fighting against COVID-19(Coronavirus)

Starting from scratch, we can say 2020 is not the year we can be proud of, but yes, it’s undoubtedly going to make up in the history books of the next generation. Apart from everything, the pandemic which we are facing now is from the Novel COVID-19. Keeping the doctors in the highest position, we can also brag about the ways the AI has shown in fighting the dangerous virus-like powering robots that can replace humans in hospital wards.

According to the two great sociologists Etzioni and Decario, the lives would have been saved if the virus mitigated and triggered soon.

Seattle’s Allen Institute recently developed an Artificial Intelligence model named Semantic Scholar Project.

It had been the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) that utilizes natural language processing to examine tens of thousands of scientific research documents at an unprecedented speed. The University of Washington’s Institute for Protein Design based SARS-CoV-2 protein’s 3D versions that were the mirror of this virus. COvID-19 pandemic goes to the bodies through spike proteins, and doctors with the help of AI models are creating new proteins to blind the spike proteins and prevent the infection of healthy cells.

How Robots helping against COVID-19 Pandemic

According to Dr. George Diaz, the section chief of infectious diseases in Providence Regional Medical Center, he used robots to see to the guys of COVID-19 working it out of a patient’s area. Robots are contributing a lot to the world in treating persons with COVID-19.

AI systems are helping physicians identify COVID-19 instances with precise results and through x-rays or CT scans in a far speed. According to reports, AI systems help detect Coronavirus from CT scans giving accurate results of 96% against pneumonia cases.

Most of the software development companies in India are trying with AI systems and new methods that low down the whole process of identification. It ‘s significant progress considering the traditional methods that would take approximately 15 min to analyze a CTscan.

An Artificial Intelligence team has launched software- Linear Fold – to reduce Coronavirus prediction time from 55 minutes to just 27 seconds. This cut down of recognition time is significant for knowing the virus, and the treatments could be given to the patients at a much lower time. The time for drug discovering has also been reduced.

Doctors in China have provided with a new powerful model called Infer VISION, which could help them quickly investigate Novel Covid-19 patients. This AI-based model can identify COVID-19 patients in a much shorter time. Infer VISION entirely is based on NVIDIA’s Clara SDK’s, which is NVIDIA’s AI health care application framework for AI-powered Medical Imaging.

How to prevent yourself from Coronavirus- Find it here.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs COVID-19

The software can identify signs of COVID-19 in imagined ones. The tool looks out for signs of pneumonia, which can be caused by this Coronavirus. The model helps in identifying the symptoms of Coronavirus and also looks for signs of pneumonia caused by the virus.

The AI models also used in Facial recognition and finger printings, but facial recognition are much safer in comparison with fingerprinting as it eradicates the chances of disease to spread through human contact. So, AI is being used to scan the faces of the people with masks. The temperature detection tool in it tells the device whether the person is affected or not. And it has been deployed at all stations, schools, airports, malls, and other community places in most of the affected countries.

AI also includes drones that have come to the rescue in some of the majorly affected areas by transporting medical kinds of stuff, patient samples, and food. Therefore, it is saving time, increasing delivery speed. The police could also keep a watch on any problems or disturbances on the road.

Taking all these into account, we can say that AI has been playing a significant role in fighting the deadly disease Novel COVID-19.


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