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Article 370-Revoked Today In Jammu And Kashmir

Article 370 and its Facts

Article 370 was drafted by Sheikh Abdullah in the year 1947 and also he had been and then appointed as a Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir by Maharaja Hari Singh and Jawahar Lal Nehru. According to the Sheikh Abdulla Article 370 should not be placed under temporary provisions of the constitution and also argued for this.

Do you know the facts of Article – 370? what is this exactly and why it is so important for Jammu and Kashmir to keep them as a part of India. facts are explained below-


  1. As per the constitution of India, Article 370 gives temporarily provisions to the Jammu and Kashmir state and also grants it special autonomy.
  2. According to Article 370, the provisions of Article 238, which was erased from the constitution since 1956 when Jammu and Kashmir were reorganized, will not apply to the state.
  3. Dr Ambedkar refused to draft Article 370- he was the principal drafter of the Indian Constitution.
  4. In the year 1949, Jawaharlal Nehru the prime minister directed the Sheikh Abdullah the Kasmiri leader to consult Ambedkar(law Minister) to prepare the draft of that particular article and that too be included in the constitution of India.
  5. Gopalaswami Ayyangar was the person who drafted the Article 370.
  6. Under Temporary and Transitional provisions this Article is drafted in the amendment of the Constitution section in part XXI.
  7. Gopalaswami Ayyangar was the first minister in the Union Cabinet of India and he was also as a former Diwan to Maharajah Hari Singh of Jammu and Kasmir state.
  8. The actual draft explained as – the government of the state Jammu and Kasmir means the people for the time being recognised by the Maharajah Hari Singh the president of Jammu and Kashmir will act on the advice of the council ministers for the time being in office under the Maharajah Hari Singh’s proclamation on 5th March 1948. 
  9. According to Article 370, the Indian Parliament has no right to increase or reduce the borders of the state.

Article 370 Revoked- Jammu And Kashmir

Today, after 72 years Finally, Article 370 is removed from Jammu and Kashmir – It was that disease which was harming Jammu and Kashmir from a long time. It is one of the remarkable days in the history of our nation now we can proceed towards peace and progress of the whole nation.

Today Modi Government corrected a long-overdue decision of revoking Article 370 for the welfare of the nation.

The Jammu and Kashmir conference leaders like Sajjad Lone and Imran Ansari were arrested as per officials. After scrapping Article 370, immediately Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti the formed chief ministers were detained and shifted to the guest house.

After revoking Article 370, the government has also decided to divide the state into two different territories where Jammu and Kashmir with a legislature and Ladakh without one. This bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha today evening and will put to vote in the Lok Sabha tomorrow.





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